This Town Has a Sense of Humor…and a Surprise As Well

September 3, 2008

Recently, I was exploring unfamiliar parts of downtown as part of a location scouting project. What I found was a city that had a natural talent for irony, and hidden treasure.  Mostly irony, though. A finiacial business next to the lottery office. An outdated plastic surgeons building in need of a face-lift. A dead funeral home. There are a bunch of such oddities around here.  You know, here in the South we often joke about how many churches there are, and we jest that there is a church on every street corner. Well, in my travels I was reminded of the big, old churches that are literally accross the street from one another. A fair number of them take up whole blocks, too. It is quite a change from the smaller churches around here.

However, what really surprised me was stumbling on the burial site of President Wilson’s parents and relatives. The only indication they were there was a small sign. That was it.


2 Responses to “This Town Has a Sense of Humor…and a Surprise As Well”

  1. Jane Says:

    When working on my god poster concepts for school I had one that addressed the “my church is bigger than your church” theme that the two Baptist churches seem to have going on on that main street…but you should see some of the ones here! There’s one that has a parking garage!

    Dead funeral home…I love it *laugh*.

  2. retroglory Says:

    A parking garage? Are you serious?

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