My Rating Method Lowdown

August 23, 2008

I rate films and games in a similar way many online review sites do. I use a 10.0 scale. My ratings are much more subjective and nonspecific than others, but I will always be as specific as possible in my actual review. 

For movies, I look for several different aspects of films. They are:

  • Competence of Direction and Editing- Basically how well the story/content is presented. Yes, screenwriting is also a factor here, but the final product is ultimately decided by the head of the production.
  • Competence of Acting and Crew-This is also pretty self explanatory…the actors obviously are the face of a film. I group the actors with the crew because a great performance hard to appreciate if the quality of sound or lighting is off.
  • Art Direction-Look and/or style of the film.
  • Originality-Because seeing the same shit over and over again is just plain annoying. 
  • Artistic Appeal-The high brow, theoretical stuff.
  •  Entertainment Value- Will the average joe like it?

 To me, it is equally important that a film have an artistic side while still being accessible to a gerneral audience. If you have a great concept behind your flick, why not let everyone in on it?


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