My First Shot at Disc Golf

August 23, 2008

My father and I went to a local recreational park to try out a new hobby…disc golf.  It appears that the sport is much more popular than I would have believed, and there are many disc golf courses around. The promise of playing a relatively accessible game with friends in a convenient location was too good to pass up, especially since I’ve been without an outdoor hobby. My father lives near a course, so he was curious about trying it too.

We anxiously ventured off onto disc golf course, and almost immediately were daunted by the distance and obstacles. Some of the tees were nearly 400 feet in length. There are many large trees the dotted the area. Not too many, but enough to sufficiently hid many of the baskets. The terrain itself was quite hilly, which was quite a contrast from the course near my dad’s house.  And of course, there was that damned wind.

Obviously, our first throws weren’t quite up to par.  The later tees were obviously becoming more and more challenging, but we noticed after a while that our skills were getting better, too. Soon we were making par and sometimes doing even better.  I felt more comfortable once I realised I didn’t have to go the whole distance in one throw.  Most tees were made in about three to five throws.

My only complain was the occaisional presence of poison ivy, since I am susceptible to it. It was out of the way, but that’s also where newbie disc golfers tend to end up.

Nevertheless, it was a great experience. We will meet again to try it at the course by my father’s house next weekend…perhaps this time we’ll even keep score!  :)


2 Responses to “My First Shot at Disc Golf”

  1. Jane Says:

    I heard about your adventures in disc golf last night! I think it’s awesome…though I don’t know if I’ll be joining you. I am not very good at frisbee, so I can’t imagine what disc golf would be like. Before you know it, you guys will be pro’s!

    Oh, see if Nickelodeon is going to be showing 1000 journals. It’s a documentary about a guy that just spoke at my school on Thursday.

  2. retroglory Says:

    Will do. I’ll be volunteering for the Nickelodean soon anyway, at least if all goes well.

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